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Writing Your Twitter Account Verification Application Case

When submitting your Twitter account verification application, Twitter provide a section in the form where you will be required to explain to them why they should verify your account. Among other, they explanation you give have a great effect as to whether Twitter will go ahead a stamp your profile with the blue checkmark badge showing that it has been verified.

Preparing Your Twitter Account Before Submitting The Verification Application

It is no news that the blue checkmark badge which is a a symbol to show that your account have been verified by Twitter is very important if you intend to use the Twitter account for your brand and company because it shows your followers and potential that the account they are connected via Twitter is credible and indeed belongs to the brand that claims to have.

Why Can't I Resubmit My Twitter Verification Application

Put simply, Twitter policy has it that the re-submission of edited application to get a Twitter account verified can only be accepted after 30 days of the initial verification application submission that Twitter did not honor.

Your Ads Do Not Compete With Jumia's

Are you a Jumia affiliate marketer? If yes then you should be very interested in what I am about to explain, why? because if effects your revenue. As you may have already known, Jumia uses cookies to register a potential customer as your referral.

Hootsuite Affiliate Marketer Requirements

Looking desperately for a service to become an affiliate marketer to, then Hootsuite might not be your best option, why? because the requirement need before you can be accepted into the Hootsuite affiliate program might not make desperate people to qualify. But if you think you have what it need to become an affiliate marketer for Hootsuite, then continue reading.

You Can Earn Through Hootsuite

Are you skeptical about it? I too was but I have confirmed it to be true and factual, you can earn money through Hootsuite -the leading social media management platform. But how, and how much can you earn through Hootsuite, these are what I intend to make clear with this post. First let me start by answering the question how can you earn money through Hootsuite.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Of 000webhost

All you need in order to become an affiliate marketer of 000webhost is a Name, which you already have, an email address which is you do not yet have is free to create, a Password and a PayPal account, but you are not required to provide first your PayPal account before you can be accepted to the affiliate program of 000webhost, you can provide that later.

000webhost Wants Their Affiliate Marketers To Succeed

One secret about making a success off affiliate marketing is having the right tools, that is having the right banners to place on your website or if you do not, coming up with catchy intro about the product and service you are promoting, and 000webhost can help you with that.

Earn With 000webhost

000webhost want to pay you. Yes they are willing to pay you for referring people to use their web hosting service. But will it be nice for you to consider becoming an affiliate marketer of 000webhost? Yes. Consider the following.

How Do 000webhost Earn?

000webhost are not the first neither are they the only people to be providing free web host service. But unlike other free web host service provider, 000webhost do not add their advertising code to the website you host with them neither do the say that you can only monetize your website using their ads serving network, in fact, they give you full control over your website as if you are hosting it on a paid web host server.

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