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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The App You Download Into Your Smart Phone Can Be Used To Compromise Your Security and Privacy. Here Is How To Protect Yourself.

One of the great things about smart phones is the fact that their owners have control over the applications. This means that smart phone owners can choose which app to remove or which app to install into their phone.
This is a great feature because with it, you have the ability to use your phone for wider purposes rather than just to making of calls, sending of SMS and gaming.

This feature that makes smart phones usage versatile however makes it easier for hackers to utilize in order to compromise your security and privacy.
Here are some tips on how to protect your device from apps which hackers use to compromise the security and privacy of some smart phone owners.

TIP ONE: Application Source
When we say Application Source we are not only referring to the developer of the application, we also refer to the app store where you download the app from and who upload the app online.
Verifying that an app source is authentic is the most important step to protecting yourself from malicious apps, this is because if you do not verify, then hackers can modify a trusted app and use it to compromise your security and privacy. So use creditable app store for your downloads and the app developer and uploader should be one that is worthy of your trust.

TIP TWO: Review and Star Rating
Reviews and Star Rating afford you the opportunity to get valuable information about an app from the experience of people that have already used it before.
But you should be very care, because app developers can
  1. Pay people to give their app good star rating.
  2. Create anonymous account and use it to rate their app good.
One way of spotting this easily is to compare the rating with the reviews. You can ask yourself, is the app getting good rating but poor reviews? and vice versa. If that is the case, then know that there is something fishy about that app.
So do not download an application before you read through the review and rating.

TIP THREE: Application Permission
One thing I love about smart phones now is, you have control over the permission you grant to an application.
True, before installation of the app into your device, you are required to accept that you will grant the app the permission it request, but after installation however, you can decide which permission to grant and which not to. You can also even decide whether the app should be granted the permission it request automatically or you should be notified first.
This smart phones features is great because when used properly, you will know when an app is spying on you.

Also it is wise to scan through the list of permission an app is to request so that you can determine whether or not it will be ok for you to download and install the app at the first place.


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