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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Win $2,500 Cash Reward From ExpressVPN For Creating An Educative Video

On behalf of ExpressVPN -a fierce defender of the right to digital privacy- I am glad to announce to you the debut of the ExpressVPN Digital Privacy Film Festival.

The purpose of this Digital Privacy Film Festival is to challenge young filmmakers to create a video that answer the question:
What happens when the Internet of Things goes wrong?

The video requirements are as follows:
  • Must not be more than two (2) minutes.
  • One video is what you are required to submit, you are not to submit more than one.
  • Must be in an mp4 format.
  • Must be submitted before the deadline which is 10:00 p.m. PST, March 30, 2019.
  • All images and sounds used in the creation of the video must not violate the intellectual property rights of another individual or party.
  • The genre is Totally up to you! But all submissions must be appropriate for all ages. If in doubt, the ExpressVPN advice that you follow YouTube’s guidelines for what constitutes age-restricted content.
If you think you can create a video that can meet up with those requirement, then continue reading, for below I will be outlining how the winner will be selected.
  • After you have submitted your video before the deadline, ExpressVPN will select from the submission they receive a group of finalist after they have review each videos.
  • Then they will post the videos from the selected group of finalist to their YouTube channel on April 8, 2019.
  • After the uploads to their YouTube channel, ExpressVPN will give their audience two weeks to vote for their favorite.
  • Then on the 29th of April 2019, the winner will be announced.
If you are not bothered about their way of picking the winner, then I will like to explain their requirement for entering into the challenge, which are:
  • Your video must be made in English Language.
  • This challenge is for young filmmakers only, so if you which to participate, you must be within the age of 19 and 25 year on the day the competition closes which is March 30th 2019.
    To confirm your age, all finalist will be asked to email their scanned government issued ID.
  • You must have a valid email address and also agree to assign to ExpressVPN all rights to reuse, republish, and modify their submitted work (the video).
If you also cool with this, now is the time to tell the exciting part of the challenge, namely, The Prizes!!!
  1. All selected finalist and winners will receive a 12 months premium subscription to ExpressVPN.
  2. The winner of the Grand Prize will receive $2,500 cash.
  3. First Runner-up can choose to receive either a Canon EOS 80D camera - or - Wacom Cintiq Pro tablet.
  4.  The Second Runner-up will receive a 12-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud.
All great prizes right? Click >>> HERE <<< to find out more about the ExpressVPN Digital Privacy Film Festival.

To learn more about the company behind ExpressVPN, click >>> HERE <<<

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