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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Does Your Game Get Stuck When Playing It On Firefox? Here Is How To Fix It

It has been reported to Mozilla that online games such as Insurgent 2 and Fighter Aircraft Pilot or any other online game that uses the WebGL technology get stuck when they are played using the Firefox browser.

In the bug report to Mozilla, such games get stuck after a short time into the game or during the part of the game with heavy particle such as fire or explosion.

If you experience the issue also, Mozilla sympathize with you but they are glad to inform you that what causes this issue in the Firefox browser has been fix.
So if you no longer what to feel frustrated while playing your most cherished game on Firefox, then you are encouraged to update your Firefox browser to the most current version, that is Firefox version 63.0.3 and above.

To download the current version of the Firefox browser, click >>> HERE <<<

If you will like to read the conversation between Mozilla and the bug reporter that build up to the fix, click >>> HERE <<<

All you need to do to fix the issue of your online game getting stuck when playing it on Firefox is just to update your Firefox browser.

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