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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Why Does My Laptop Battery Drain Suddenly

If when looking at your laptop's battery gauge, Windows is telling you that your battery still have energy and suddenly your laptop shutdown and refuses to come back up complaining that you have a low battery, it means that your batter is no longer calibrating properly.

Battery Calibration is what enables Windows give you an estimate of your laptop battery energy capacity and how long it is likely to last you. When the Calibration is working properly, Windows estimate is near accurate. If it is no longer accurate, it means the otherwise.

To my best of knowledge, a laptop battery that is no longer calibrating properly cannot be fixed, but the calibrating ability of a battery that is still working fine can be prolong by ensuring that the battery juice keep flowing.

What I mean is, you need to allow your laptop battery go through a full charge cycle occasionally. That is, allow the battery to almost fully discharge and then recharge it fully. This way your operating system (Windows) can learn how much power it has left and thus predict in more accurate terms how long it will take you.
Note: this should be done occasionally -likely once a month- not always.

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