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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Is It Wise To Leave My Laptop Plugged In All The Time?

I have made many research and have found out that, the answer to this question is not a definite Yes or No. Leaving it charging always and leaving it to run dry always can both damage the cells of the battery. But there is one thing that I have come to understand with modern batteries.

They Cannot Be Overcharged.
Modern batteries are built is such a way that, when it get to 100% charge, it will signal to the laptop to stop giving it charging power, and when it is gone down a bit, it will tell the laptop to reactivate the charging.

But there is still a danger.

Leaving it plugged it can cause heating which is not good to battery lifespan, and allowing it to discharge can also not be said to be the best of options also.

One thing I have noticed is, battery cells is more or less like the human blood cells, no matter how you feed and nourish it, when it gets to the time of regenerating new cells, the old one will die off.
In a similar way, a battery is not meant to live forever, so at one point in time, no matter how you nurture it, it will certainly die off. But the point is finding a way to slow it's death.

A good rule of thumb to achieve this is not to overheat the battery, and to detach the battery from your laptop when it seems you are not going to be using the laptop for a long time. When detaching it though, it is a good idea to leave it not fully charged and not fully discharge, but around 50% or so.

Nonetheless, there is no idea suggesting that a battery which capacity have reduced cannot power up a laptop when plugged in, unless the battery is damaged.

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