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Friday, September 14, 2018

Why Use A VPN

Security, Privacy and Anonymity, these are the basic reason for using VPN. Continue reading, for I will explain what I mean by those terms.

Security: Data encryption is key reason for using a VPN. In fact, it is not a VPN if the data you transmit and receive via the internet is not encrypted, for as the names implies, when you use a VPN, you are using a private network and for now, if it is not encrypted, then what makes it private?
So if you are concerned about online security, then a VPN is your one step to satisfying your concern.

Privacy: Without a VPN, your online privacy is at jeopardy. This is because, without using a VPN, your online activities is not encrypted (generally speaking) and if that is the case, then anyone who can (i.e. hackers, government agency, ISP and others.) can monitor what you do online, that is bad for your privacy right?
Of course it is, and that is what VPN protect you from. So if you are tired of you being tracked, they VPN is one of your best shot.

Anonymity: When you connect to a VPN, your IP address is masked, and your précised location changed. Thus spying eyes such as hackers will not only be know what you are doing online, they will also not be able to know when you are online.

When you combine these three main benefits of VPN, it means do the following:
  1. Download your favorite movie and TV series from torrent site without fear of the being tracked and sued by the movie industry
  2. You can visit contra-banned websites just by changing your location.
  3. You can shop and chat online anonymously.
  4. Solving reCaptcha will be much easier etc.

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  1. I always use a VPN when commuting to places. It helps in protecting my data over public wireless networks. I'm on PureVPN as it has secure Wi-Fi feature that automatically detects unsecured WiFi hotspots and establishes a VPN connection.

    1. That really is a good reason for using a VPN and I also like PureVPN.
      Remember though that an outdated VPN might not be providing you with the latest encryption protocol, so also update your VPN when there is a new version.


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