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Friday, September 14, 2018

What Does My ISP See When Am Using VPN To Browse The Internet

ISP is the acronym for Internet Service Provider. Because they are your internet service provider, they know when you connect to the internet, which website or internet enable application you are using, and possibly what you are doing on those application(s) or website.
But what about when you start using a VPN, do they still know all these things?

The simple answer is NO.

The complicated answer is as follows;

Your ISP will still be able to know when you connect to the internet, because they are still going to be the one to establish and maintain your internet connectivity.

They will also know that you are connecting to a VPN server and which one, for they are the one that will make such connection possible.
Because they are the ones maintaining your connection to the VPN server, they also sees the data being received and sent to the VPN server, WAIT, they sees it, but they do not know what those packet (i.e. the bundle the carries the information/data that is being exchange between you and the VPN server) contains.

So, when you are using a VPN to surf the internet, your ISP knows when you go online, which VPN service you are using, but they do not know what you are using the VPN service for because your VPN service provider does encrypt all data, so all what the ISP sees are information which looks like complete gibberish.

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