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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

Many people are reluctant to using a service from a company that has many other service that are intertwine. For example, many are reluctant to use Facebook Messenger because they feel that when they do, their information will also be visible via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

But the truth is, those services can be used independently until you decide to have them linked together. So in this post, I will outline to you how to use the messaging app from Facebook without you being scare of the exposure that have a Facebook account brings.

If You Don’t Have A Facebook Account Yet
  • Download the Facebook Messenger app from your device app store.
  • Insert your phone number, and tap continue.
    Once done, you will get an SMS with a code. This is to verify that you are the owner of the number.
  • Typically, the Facebook Messenger app will automatically scan your message box to see if you receive the SMS. If it don’t, then open your message app to get the code, then insert it into the Facebook Messenger app.
  • In the next screen, allow Facebook Messenger to automatically synchronize your contact. If you don’t allow it, then you will have to insert your friend’s phone number manually before you can chat with them.
Note, if you have a Facebook account before, and you do not want the Facebook Messenger to be linked to your Facebook profile, then use a phone number that is not yet linked to your Facebook profile or you can unlink the number from the Facebook Profile before setting up the Facebook Messenger app.

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