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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Here Is Why You Should Avoid Redirects

As a webmaster, if you have been tempted to use redirects when linking to your own landing page, then you should seriously consider the outlined points below before you make the move.

Using redirects for your landing page is not a bad thing, but it really is not encouraged, because of your page speed record. Here is what I mean.

When you use a HTTP redirect, it cause some sort of latency on the server. When you use a JavaScript redirect, it slows down the rendering of the landing page to the client because the page holding the redirect needs to be downloaded, parsed and the JavaScript executed before the redirect is triggered.

So you see when you use redirects for linking to your own landing pages, it makes the loading of your landing page somewhat slow, and as you know, internet users hate to wait.

Another reason why you should avoid redirects is because it will affect your landing page SEO negatively.
This is because, when a page is slow in loading, it increases it bounce rate, and the higher your bounce rate, the lower your SEO score.

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