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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Article On Buzzing Topic Can Still Be Free From Plagiarism

One of the top criteria for hiring a freelance writer is the person ability to produce a work that is free from plagiarism. But can one write on a topic that is buzzing and their work will be free from plagiarism? Yes.

Before I explain how that can be achieved, let me first clarify you as to what plagiarism is.

Plagiarism is the copying of another person’s work or ideas and then presenting it as your own, especially without permission.
Having made the term plagiarism clear, below are hints that will make your next article free from plagiarism even if it is on a buzzing topic and you are not the source.

Hint 1: Your Source Should Not Be One.
There is a saying that, copy from one, that’s plagiarism, but copy from two, that’s research.

Hint 2: Write what you understand about the fact, not that of your source.

Hint 3: Don’t reconstruct the sentence(s) of your source, rather read through to understand the topic, then let your write-up be an explanation of what you understand about the topic.

Hint 4: Don’t use large content quote, and if you do quote, make sure that you indicate the source.

The main point: If you are not the one behind the discovery, then the content of your write-up is mostly copied. What makes if free from plagiarism is your ability to express it from your own point of view (understanding).

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