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Monday, September 10, 2018

An Important Aspect That Is Often Neglected When Recovering Hacked Account – Apps With Account Access.

After they have noticed that their account have been hacked, many people turn to expert to help know what they need to do after they have change the password of their hacked account.

Among the many things those expert(s) will recommend to them to review, many experts often neglect to include Apps with account access to the review list.

What is Apps with account access?

Apps with account access are third-party websites or application that you have linked to your account which have been hacked. Take for example, your Facebook account is linked with two application – Subway Surf, Temple Run – and also to a third-party website – Twitter – in this case, Subway Surf, Temple run and Twitter are all apps with access to your Facebook account. Thus they need to be among the things that should be reviewed as you are taking steps to make your hacked Facebook account more secure. Why?

This is because, if not reviewed, malicious apps with account access can serve as a back door for hacker.

The reason why apps with account access is often not among the lists of items to be reviewed when recovering hacked account is because, typically, when you change the password of a hacked account, the access of apps with account access are revoked.
But the fact is, that is not always the case. So when you are taking steps to make your account more secure after your account have been hacked, do remember to review the list of apps with account access so as to make sure that you leave not back door for the hacker.

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