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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Adding Emoji To Your Comment In Instagram Is Now Just One Click Away

If you love expressing yourself through emoji and you also love engaging with post on Instagram then you will love this news am about to break to you.

It has recently come to my notice that the new update to the Instagram app for both android and iOS Smartphone includes a feature (shortcut) that allows you to add emoji while commenting in a post.

How does this feature work?

When you indicate you want to comment on a post and the keyboard appears for you to type, Instagram will also display a row above the keyboard which shows your most used emojis.
Isn’t that great!

The sad news is that as of now, this feature (i.e. displaying your most used emoji above the keyboard) is only available when you are commenting on a post. So we hope that Instagram also enable us enjoy this feature when we are chatting.

But meanwhile, this new feature rocks, and for you to enjoy it, you will need to update your Instagram app to the latest version.
Remember, adding emoji to your comment is now just one click away.

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