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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Will You Like To Share Feedback With Microsoft On OneDrive? The Help Button Is Not What You Should Use

In your OneDrive app or web account, the help feature is there so that you can use it to contact the Microsoft OneDrive support team for solutions to problem(s) you encounter while using their OneDrive service.

But if your reason for wanting to contact Microsoft is not for fix to a problem, but to share with them your feedback, or even possibly it because you want to tell them about a feature you feel they should include to OneDrive, then the Help button is not what you need. What you need is OneDrive UserVoice.

OneDrive UserVoice is not a app, it is a forum (discussion based website) that enables you to share, vote and discuss ideas on how to improve OneDrive.

OneDrive UserVioce is owned and managed by Microsoft OneDrive team, so what is discussed their get to them in real-time.

Don't have a worth-while idea on how OneDrive can be improved? No matter, just sign in, and view other people's ideas. If you like them, then vote for those ideas. Because the more votes an idea gets, the more likely Microsoft will seriously consider implement those ideas to OneDrive.

So there you have it. Want an improvement to me made to your favorite cloud storage -OneDrive- then use OneDrive UserVoice to make it happen.

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