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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Host Your Blog For Free!!!

Newbies to the blogging community turn to blogspot mainly because, apart from paying for your custom domain name, you do not pay for anything else, not even for hosting.

Paying for hosting has, and is still one of the nightmare for beginner bloggers. This has prevented them from using more advance blogging platform such as WordPress for their blog.

Thankfully, 000webhost has given us a way out.

000webhost is owned by Hostinger web hosting company.
They make available 000webhost as a free web hosting service for those who will like to experiment their web project, but don't want to spend a dime on web hosting service yet.

So if you want to host your blog for free, then consider using  000webhost.

The only limitation of 000webhost is your blog will be up for only 23 hours per day and not 24.

Apart from that, here are some of the benefits of using 000webhost.
  1. 1500 MB of disk space.
  2. 100 GB bandwidth.
  3. PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
  4. cPanel control panel
  5. Website Builder (if you don't want to use CMS for your blog)
  6. Absolutely no advertising! on your blog.
So there you have it. Want free web host, 000webhost is the best choice.

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  1. 000webhost is wrost free unlimited cpanel hosting provider in world, They don't provide any kind of support for his free users.

    1. They have forums where you can get help from other members like yourself.

      You should not expect them to leave their premium customer to start to attend to all the issues raised by free users which they are not benefiting from.


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