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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Digital Marketing Strategy Will Be More Rewarding When SEO Is Included

We all know what SEO is, it is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it means, optimizing your site so that it will rank well in search engines result page. And we all know what Digital Marketing is, so I'll be plain.

If you want your digital marketing strategy to give your business (website) the necessary growth that is not short-lived, then an important aspect of your strategy should include SEO. Why?
 SEO ensures that your business online presence -website- get discovered organically.
Of course, you might reason, I can just push my business in front of the screen of potential client using paid advertisement, that is true. But the fact is, leads you get from SEO efforts are organic leads, meaning that, these people get to your site because they are in dire need of what your site has to offer. In other words,
You are not the one searching for them, they are in fact searching for you. And it is this type of leads that are easier to convert.
So how do you incorporate SEO into your digital marketing strategy? Consider the following.

  • Content
    If you want people coming to your site to stay long enough to see what your business got to offer them, then each page of your site needs to be engaging. With quality content, you not only get your visitors engaged, you also reduce the bounce rate of your website, which increase the overall trust search engine will place on your site.
  • Page Metadata
    As important as quality content, are also the metadata of each of the page in your business website. Page metadata refers to the page title and the page description.
    In most search engine, this is the information that they use to determine how relevant your site is to the people using their search engine service.
    So don't just put anything in the page title and description section, just because you do not want to leave it empty, ensure that they include keywords that are relevant to your niche.
  • Analyze Competitor's Site
    Competition is good for business, because it forces you to be on your game and be more creative. But you do not have to do it blindly.
    So you need to analyze competitors site to know what keywords are used to drive traffic to there site, this is an invaluable marketing information for your business.
    A good tool to use when analyzing competitor's site is

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