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Monday, July 30, 2018

WhatsApp Media You Accidentally Deleted Can Be Recovered. Here Is How To Do It

One of the major downside of WhatsApp with regards to media (i.e. photos, videos, gifs, audios, documents) is that once you have downloaded them into your device, WhatsApp will delete the media from their server, which means that if you accidentally delete the copy you downloaded earlier, you will not be able to recover the media again. Except of course you ask the person who send it to you to resend it.
But you will agree with me that it is not really a good idea. But ther is good news.

Following the recent update to WhatsApp, the company is now keeping media sent to you in their server for good, provided of course that you do not trash the conversation in which the media appeared.
So if you accidentally delete a media from the WhatsApp media folder in your device gallery, you can recovered it when you need it again.

How To Recover Deleted Media From WhatsApp
  • Launch WhatsApp to the Chat page.
  • Locate the person who send you the media and tap on it to open the conversation thread.
  • Scan up the conversation thread to locate the point where the person send you the media.
  • Once you've found it, tap on the media to re-download it.
That's it.

As noted earlier, recovering of accidentally deleted media in WhatsApp can only be done if you have not deleted the chat thread the media appeared on. If you have, then you cannot recover the media.

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