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Thursday, July 26, 2018

This Is To How Increase Your Brand Awareness On Social Media Using Hashtag

You are probably not new to the concept of Hashtag. But if you are, hashtag is simply the # symbol which is attached as a prefix to a word or phrase written without space.
The general purpose of hashtag is so as to get your post (i.e. the post which the hashtag appear on) seen not just by your brand followers and fans, but also by others who are interested in following that hashtag.
Below I outline three type of hashtag you can use to increase your brand awareness on social media.

  1. Content Hashtag
    These are hashtag that are relevant to the content of your brand post(s) and are thus closely related to the service, product, area of expertise of your brand. For example, if your brand is about tourism, you can then include the following hashtag to your brand's post: #vacation #travel #hotel(s) #holidays.
    In other words, to increase your brand awareness on social media using hashtag, it is highly recommended that you use hashtag which your targeted audience are interested in, and these type of hashtags are categorized as Content Hashtag
  2. Trending Hashtag
    The second most lucrative way of increasing your brand awareness on social media with the use of hashtag, is by using existing hashtags which have grown attention and thus is buzzing.
    But before you decide to have a trending hashtag included in your post, make sure that the content of the post will add value (i.e. is related) to the existing post(s), else your post will be treated as spam.
  3. Brand's Hashtag
    In this category, I refer to hashtag which is used by your brand only. #Pinfoltd belonging to us, #ManUtd belonging the Manchester United football club #Google belonging to Google Inc. are examples of this category of hashtag.
    When I said this category of hashtag is used by your brand only, I do not mean that nobody else can use it, what I mean is that even is it is used by others, you will be confident that the content of the post that is will be used on will be related to your brand and only your brand, thus raising it awareness.
So there you have it.

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