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Friday, July 6, 2018

Thinking Of Going For Wi-Fi Cameras? Here Are Three Things To Consider

As humans, we tend to focus more on the benefits of something we seems to be interested in getting than their downside. And advertisers is very good at getting us to do just that.
If you want to go for Wi-Fi cameras, I don't intend to discourage you with this post. I just want to enlighten you on three things that you might have overlooked, or might have not even come to mind when you were still contemplating on whether to go for it or not.
So continue reading.

  1. Internet Data Consumption: How to keep your intended Wi-Fi camera(s) connected is something you should give serious consideration to before you decide to go for such cameras.
    Because most Wi-Fi cameras needs to be connected to the cloud before they will be able to stream and record video, they thus have the potential of taking a chunk off your home internet bandwidth and data cap (if there is any stipulated by your ISP).
    To make clear why this is important, consider this example.
    A Wi-Fi camera needing 1MB of your internet data allocation per seconds, will at the end of the month consume up to 100GB of your internet data allocation. And that will be the consumption of just one camera out of the rest.
    Also note that the higher the streaming quality of video the Wi-Fi camera is set to use, the more it consumes.
    While this might not be an issue for those who using unlimited internet connection from their ISP, it definitely will be for those who are using a monthly data cap plan from their ISP.
  2. Security: Because Wi-Fi cameras stream offline videos to a cloud storage service, there come a matter of security. Because if the cloud storage service that the camera is streaming to were to get compromised, it might and will cause security issues for you especially if you are concerned about security.
    While the cloud service that the Wi-Fi camera is steaming to will promise you top security of your camera's data, it does not mean that they cannot be compromised.
    So if security is the reason for you getting a Wi-Fi camera, then you need to put into consideration on how secure the cloud service the camera will be using.
  3. Signal: Then lastly, there is a matter of signal, especially when you are using the Wi-Fi camera outdoors.
    Because thicker wall materials are used for the exteriors of building, getting good signals outdoors can be a little challenge.
    If this is a known challenge, then you should also consider adding Wi-Fi extenders to your list of items to purchase, so as to get your cameras good signal to operate with.
These are the three things I thought will be good you consider as you are thinking about going for a Wi-Fi camera. And as noted earlier, this post is not intended to scare you away from Wi-Fi cameras, but to aid your decision making process.
Also note that a Wi-Fi camera system offers more convenience than a wired camera system.

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