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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Best Way to Get Targeted Visitors To Your Brand New Blog

When you launch a blog, and then start to research how to grow your blog's readership, you might sometimes be overwhelm with the plenty of tools available for your use. It's kinda like when you become a member to a gym. You'll have all the right tools at your fingertips, but it is your self discipline and hard work that will determine if you will be successful.
It is in this light, that I have decided to compile a list of simple actions you can take to make sure that your hard work yield your brand new blog the targeted visitors it craves. So read on.

  1. To get targeted visitors to your new blog, you will need to first, mentally determine who the audience of your new blog should be.
  2. Then next step is to create Quality Content for your new blog.
    When I say Quality Content, I mean, 
    1. Content that are generally useful to anyone who fails into the category of your targeted audience.
    2. Content that gives give your targeted audience a pleasant user experience (i.e. that does not make your post tiring and boring)
  3.  Next step is to convert your passerby visitor to long-term readers for your blog. You can do this by converting them to e-mail or browser push notification subscribers.
    For converting to browser push notification subscriber, I will recommend you using either Sumo or PropellerAds.
  4. Next thing to do is to be consistent with creating new content for your now long-term readers. This require that you create a schedule and pattern for posting.
    This will make your readers know when to expect new content so that they will not be coming to your new blog and leaving disappointed because their is no new content for them.
  5. Finally, I like you to know that you'll do your new blog more good by promoting it via social media and other means than relying on search engine for traffic.

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