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Monday, June 11, 2018

Win Six Month ExpressVPN Premium Subscription As You Watch Russia 2018 World Cup

Are you a big fan of VPN but you does not really want to spend your cash on getting the premium version of any VPN service provider? If you are, then this is your chance to get the ExpressVPN premium subscription for FREE!!!

As part of their reward initiative, ExpressVPN wants to give 8 people who can predict the country that will top the group in their respective group. Note, you do not have to predict for the entire 8 group just one is what you are expected to predict for.

So if you feel Russia will top the Group A, just choose Russia as your prediction and wait for the world cup group stage to round up.

To enter this prediction competition, do the following:
  1. Visit the ExpressVPN official blog post which they used to make the announcement.
  2. Hit Retweet @expressvpn on the competition box below the blog post.
    The competition box looks like the one below this article.
  3. Then comment with the name of the country that you feel will top their group.
    You do not have to comment which group they belong, just the country's name is what is required.
 That is all.
Note though that ExpressVPN have the intention of rewarding only 8 winners. So if there are multiple people who get their prediction right, ExpressVPN will choose the winner on random basic.

World Cup Group Stages Contest

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