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Saturday, June 16, 2018

What Is Social Media Strategy?

One of the main suggestion by social media experts when is come to growing your brand social media profile is to first define your social media strategy. This got me wondering, What is Social Media Strategy? After some research, here is what I have come to understand about what social media strategy mean.

Social Media Strategy refers to your brands purpose for using a particular social media and the overall plan on how to achieve this goal.
 For example, it is Social Media Strategy that determine whether your post should be geared toward brand awareness, increase hit to website, or to boost product sales, and thus how the content you share on your brand social media profile should be crafted to fulfill the the goal and meet the interest of targeted audience.

It is also while planing your social media strategy to you get to determine also how your brand content that is shared to look like so that people will recognize and relate to it at a glance.

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