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Monday, June 11, 2018

MTN Is Doubling Your Data Worth This Month

The internet in buzzing seriously with the news that you can get 1.2 worth of data for just 500 naira on the MTN Nigeria network and I am not disputing that. But the fact is, that is not the only great news about the MTN data plan.

The great news is this:
MTN is doubling the value of any data plan you buy for this months.
  So it is not only the 500 naira plan that is doubled, but all. Thus you can get not only 1+0.2GB for 500 naira, you can also get 2+0.5GB for 1,000 naira or 3GB for 1,200 naira

Note that the additional data that is added to the main data is available for use from 1:00am - 7:00am

So dial *131* to buy a data from MTN this month so that you too can enjoy double the value of your purchased data.

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