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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Love Using The Windows 10 Dark Theme Feature? Here Is How To Activate It Automatically

While there is not official way of activating and deactivating the Windows 10 Dark Theme feature, I recently discover a tweak in How-To Geek that explain how to activate and deactivate this feature automatically.
The tweak as to do with creating two scheduled task with the Windows 10 Task Scheduler that will activate the Dark Theme at night and then activate the Light theme during the day.
Below, I outline how to go about creating those task.

Creating The Task To Activate Dark Theme
  1. Open the Windows 10 Task Scheduler utility.
    You do this by, typing Task Scheduler into the Cortana search box or after you have opened the Start menu, Then click on the Task Scheduler app icon in the search result to launch it.

  2. When the Task Scheduler utility opens, click Action, in the menu bar, and then Create Basic Task... in the drop-down that will appear.

  3. When the Create Basic Task dialog box appears, type in a Name and Description for this new task you are creating in the appropriate space provided, and then click the Next > button.
    Doing this will ensure that you can easily locate this task at a feature time to further edit or even delete it in an event that Microsoft later include an option in the Settings app that will enable you activate and deactivate the Dart Theme in future update.

  4. In the next screen where you have to select how often you want the new task to run, check the Daily option and then click the Next button.
    1. In the next screen, specify which time of the day you want this task to run, so that it will activate the Dark theme. Then click the Next button.
  5.  Now in the next screen which is the Action section, check the Start a program option and then hit the next button.

  6. Now type reg into the Program/script box in the next screen, and then copy and paste the code below into the Add arguments (optional): box also.
    add HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize /v AppsUseLightTheme /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

  7. Now in the Finish screen, check the Open the property dialog for this task when I click Finish then you can click the finish button.
  8. When the Property dialog box open, switch to the Conditions  then check the Start the task only if the computer is on AC power which is in the Power section.
    Doing this is to ensure that the task we just created to activate the Dark Theme will run even if your laptop is on battery power.
  9. Now switch to the Settings tab, and then enable the “Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed” check box.
    Doing this is to ensure that the task run and that the Dark Theme is still activated automatically even if it was missed maybe because your computer is asleep or is off as of the time you specify that it should run.
  10. Now click the OK button.
You can now go to the Task Scheduler Library, locate the task we just created, right-click on it and then click Run, to make sure that the task will actually activate the Dark Theme when it run by itself as at the scheduled time.

Creating The Task To Activate Light Theme
To do this, go through the steps I have outlined above, but when you get to step 6, the code that should be pasted into the Add arguments (optional): box should be the one below.
add HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize /v AppsUseLightTheme /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
So there you have it. You can now do what it seem, only tech geek can do as of now, namely, activating and deactivating the Windows 10 Dark Theme feature automatically.

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