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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Get Started With Your Facebook Page

If you want you business, to be in Facebook, then Facebook Page is what you need because Page is meant to be business identity on Facebook. After you have created your Facebook Page though, there are some things that you need to add to it in order to make it helpful. Here they are.

  1. Cover Photo or Video
    Apart from your Facebook Page profile image which is meant to hold your business logo, you will need to also add a Cover Photo or Video to your Page profile.
    This is because Cover Photo or Video serves as your brand's identity. For it purpose is to serve as a visual illustration of what your business is all about.
  2. About
    The next thing you need to is to make sure that all necessary information is keyed into the About section of your Facebook Page profile.
    The reason is because, it is the information in the about section that makes it easier for your potential customers or better still, audience to discover that you now exist in Facebook. More also, the information in this About section can also boost your brand's presence in search engines.
    So make sure to really spend time in this section.
  3. Reviews
    The importance of rating and review cannot be overly emphasized, because without it, you might not be able to win the trust of new potential customers. So after you are done with the about section, enable Reviews and encourage your old customers to review your brand.
    For this will go a long way to boost your business credibility when you have a considerable high rating.
  4. Call-to-Action Button
    As important as the rating and review feature is also the Call-to-action button. This button allows you the ability to be clear to your customer about the action you want them to take when they visit the Facebook Page profile of your business.
    Do you want your Page visitor to reach out to you? add the Contact Us button. Want them to learn more about your business by visiting your website? the Learn more is what you should use. Want them to know of your app? the Use App button will help you achieve that.
    So activating a Call-to-action button on your Facebook Page profile is a wise choice.
  5. The Shop and Service Section
    Apart from using page post, the Shop or Service section of a Page profile does better in highlighting the offering of your business.
    So if you own a business that sells product, or render services, then it is recommended that you also enable either the Shop or Service section of your Facebook Page.
After you have gone through all these steps outlined above, I believe, you page will now be ready to receive your first post or visitor.

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