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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

5 Tool For You Use To Secure Your Home Network

If you own a network (especially a wireless or Wi-Fi network) where it is your home or office network, you should probably be keen about making the network secure.
Using a good password to secure your network seems to be the first and best choice to many, but the fact that a password of a wireless network can be cracked is no long a news item. So what steps can to ensure that your home network is secure and remains secure.

Based on the recommendation of Terumo, here are five tools that when utilized will ensure the maximum security of your home network.

  1. The first tool in his recommendation is Aircrack-ng.
    Apart from being tool that can be used by hackers to hack into a network, Aircrack-ng can serve to protect your home network, because with it, you can monitor  -in real time- the device(s) that are connected to your network and also be able to see their MAC address.
    Thus, you will know in real-time when a device sign into your network, and if it is not a device you can recognize, then you will need to take proper action of kicking them out off the network.
  2. With Wireshark -another of Terumo recommended tools- you can monitor your network for suspicious packets and request.
  3. Apart from knowing when a suspicious request was made, nmap gives you the ability to know who in your network is sending information and to where they are sending it to. Using Nmap also gives you the ability to scan for suspiciously opened port and thus ensure that ports are not opened or left opened unnecessarily.
  4. Have you noticed an attacker in your network but you do not want to kick him out, rather you want to frustrate is effort? Then Airplay is the tool to use. For with it, you will be able to block out the intruder from sending  a continual de-auth flood.
  5. The last tool Terumo recommend is Mdk3.
    Mdk3 serves as a 'Panic button.' Thus you use it to crash your network when you feel that is the only way out of an attack.

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