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Monday, May 21, 2018

'Thought Train' -An App To Replace Sticky Notes and Notebook For Your To-Do List | Macintosh

Which app do you use to create and manage your to-do list? Sticky Notes or Notebook? Well, there is a better app that can make you manage your to-do list more effectively. This app is called Thought Train.

Developed for Macintosh enabled computers, this app makes the use of your Menu bar more useful. Once installed, the Thought Train app stick to your Menu bar, and because of this, it makes the app readily available for you to access no matter where you are or which program you are currently working with. Thus you will have your to-do list always in sight while you are performing other tasks.

Among the many function the Thought Train app possesses, with this app you can add multiple thoughts (items to be done), archive or delete thought you are done with, or pin a thought so as to have it listed first whenever you open the app.

You should also be aware that, even after you have minimized the Thought Train app, this does not mean that the items in your to-do list will only be seen when you open the app again. No. For after you have minimized the app, the items (thoughts) you have added to your to-do list will scroll across the Menu bar like a marque. Also, the Thought Train app gives you the ability to view the task you have previously marked as done, that is, thoughts which you have deleting or archive previously.

So you see, the Thought Train app is really an app that is good to replace Sticky Notes and the Notebook app if you really want a friendly, easy to access app for your to-do list.

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