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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sodadb Is An Online Database You Will Love

Do you want a powerful online database without having to pay for it? If you do, then you should consider using Sodadb. But why? Here are six reasons.

  1. Sodadb support SSL. This means that all your data via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). With this layer of security attached to your database, you can be rest assured that the content of your database is free from hackers. Except of course, if it is your computer that was hacked.
  2. The search option of Sodadb is very powerful, giving you the ability to perform in depth search on the records of your database.
  3. The ability to share your online database is also something you will love. Sodadb offers you the ability to share your online database not only by sharing the secret URL for your database, but by also adding subusers, and what is more, you can also set what right they have to your database so your shared database is still under your control.
  4. Needs to feed your online database with options from your other people without giving them access to your database? Then the online form creation tool Sodadb provides is also what you will love. For with this tool, you can create interactive form, invite people to fill it out using the form URL and you can even embed it into your website.
  5. The file and image upload option of Sodadb allows you to attach up to 500MB worth of images or other documents to the records of your online database with Sodadb.
  6. The sixth reason I have to say that you will love the Sodadb online database tool is the fact that it is Free Now, and Free Forever. No trails.
Visit Sodadb to learn more.

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