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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Merge Word Is A Good Replacement For Microsoft Word

If you are looking for a good word processing program for your school, workplace or even for personal use, Microsoft Word is often the very first that will be recommended to you by experts and even your colleagues.
But is Microsoft Word (a.k.a MS Word) the only good word processing program out there? The answer is NO. Below I explain why I feel that Merge Word is a good word processor that can replace Microsoft Word.

A word processor with 5.0 star rating (as of when this post was created) in the Windows Store, Merge Word 2018 take the feel and design of Microsoft Word. Thus at first glance, you might even be able to fool someone into believing that it is a customized version of the MS Word program.
For it comes with a look alike Ribbon design and function placement, so that those who are already familiar/using MS Word can switch to it without have to learn where the command(s) button are located all over again. And more appealing is the fact that Merge Word also allows you to change the app's theme.

Just as any other word processor would, Merge Word has all the tools need for you to be able to create a document. From editing the page layout, to editing the content of the document, to inserting content and reviewing the document.
Merge Word also support saving your document in various format not excluding the standard .doc format. Thus you can create a document with Merge Word and share it with a friend or colleague using Microsoft Word with the full confidence that they will be able to read and edit the document if granted the permission.

Speaking on permission. Merge Word also enables you to encrypt and decrypt your document with a password. And unlike the latest version of MS Word that requires you to have an active Microsoft Office 365 subscription before you can use it, Merge Word does you require you to have any subscription. All you need is, pay for the product once, and it is yours to use anytime, any day, forever.

It is true that Merge Word does not offer you all the features that Microsoft Word does, but the fact is, it does offer you all the basic feature that is required to get your document ready.

Though I consider Merge Word as a good replacement for Microsoft Word, I will not fail to let you know about the short comings of this word processor.

As of now, Merge Word does not have an online version and is not available for mobile devices and even worst, it is only available to PC users with a Windows 10 OS. So if you are a type of user that switch between device (i.e pc and mobile) or between computer(s) with different OS other than Windows 10 or depend on the cloud to help you synchronize your document across multiple device(s), then Merge Word might not yet be the best choice.

Apart from that, Merge Word really have the potential of replacing Microsoft Word.
You can visit the Official Website of the company behind Merge Word if you need more information.

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