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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Five Tools To Boost The Success Of Your Blog

Blogging can be enjoyable and as well dissatisfactory especially when you are not getting your desired result, namely, readership. Thus, I have outlined five tools below, that when used properly your blog the desired readership it craves. So read on.

First Tool: Hootsuite
Among the five tool am about to introduce to you, I chose Hootsuite as the first because of it's importance.
Hootsuite is a tool that enable you to automate your blog post sharing on social media. That is, you do not have to be only to share your blog post to your social media followers, just tell Hootsuite, which post to share, and when to share and they will do it for you. Using Hootsuite will enable you to focus your attention on other expect of life and also time for you to make research on more interesting content for your blog.
Hootsuite is free to use, though you will be needing to pay some few bucks if you wants its full functionality. But the free version will do the magic of getting your blog post to your social media followers at just the right time.

Second Tool: Mailchimp
While Hootsuite help you automate your blog post sharing to your social media followers, Mailchimp help you automate your interaction with your blog e-mail subscriber.
With Mailchimp, you can automate customized welcome message to your new e-mail subscriber, automate e-mail marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions.
Is there more? Yes, there is.
With Mailchimp, you can also create and manage social media ads, create Landing pages, automate new blog post sharing to you e-mail subscribers and more!

Third Tool: Grammarly
As important as getting your post in front of your followers, is also your grammar construction. True, your blog post might be helpful, but if its grammar construction is poor, your followers will lose interest in reading your future post, and that can be damaging.
So, use Grammarly to correct all those your grammatical errors you are aware or not aware before you start driving aware your readers.

Fourth Tool: Google Adword
Now speaking about creating quality and interesting content, Google AdWords is the tool you need.
Wait! They are not going to give you contents, rather you can use them to research keywords in your niche that are currently popular and profitable, than you can craft your new content around the keyword(s). This will not only make your readers know that you are current in your niche, but it will also help to boost your blog SEO.

Fifth Tool: Canva
Now that you have know the best to get your post in front of your followers, how to create content that are keyword based and free of grammatical errors, the last tool I will like to introduce to you in Canva.
This tool will help you create astonished, eye-catchy images. And like they say, 'an image is worth more than a thousand words'.

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  1. Grammarly is better than INK for checking for spelling. But Grammarly can't help me out with SEO.


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