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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Do You Know The Difference Between: Internet and Website?

The fact is, most people who cannot go a day without using the internet really cannot differentiate the difference between this two words namely: Internet and Website. Thus I want to use this opportunity to clear you on what those two tech terms mean so that you will not be interchanging them in situation that they do not fit in. Let me start by explaining what a website is.

What is a Website?
Have you hear of If you are not, then you probably might have heard of because that is the URL of the website you are reading this post from now. This means that a website is a collection of related pages that are binded together by a domain (base url) which provide you with information(s) or service that is only accessable via internet.

What is Internet?
Internet on the other hand refers to the wireless network technology that enables you to access a website no matter where you are located.

"I thought a website is a destination in the Internet, that is a website lives on the internet?" If you have this thought, you are not alone, but that does not mean you are right.
A website does not lives on the internet, it lives in another person's computer, then when the person sharse the website with website via the interent, that is when you will be able to access the information that the website holds provided you have an active internet connection.
So the internet is not where a website lives, rather it is a connection (network) that enable a website owner share its website and then allow the website visitor have access to the website.

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