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Monday, April 2, 2018

Two Ways Your Competitor Is Using To Hurt Your Site SEO

Getting it right with SEO is very difficult, and once you do, it is not a thing of joy of have your competitor hurt your good SEO records. But can they really do that? Of course they can. Below I outline two popular ways that they can use to hurt your site's SEO and what you can do about it.

Give You Unsolicited Backlinks
It is true that one of the best way to increase your site's SEO score is to accumulate backlinks. But the truth is, not all backlinks are good for your SEO score, only backlinks coming from an authoritative and related site will work for your good.
Thus, a competitor of yours that want to get dirty will, span the internet with low-quality backlinks which are from site's that are low-ranked and are completely not relevant to your niche. This tactic will not only affect your site SEO negatively, but it is very hard to recover from its blow to your site's SEO.
So keep a tab on where you are getting backlinks from, and when you notice you are getting poor-quality backlinks, quickly notify the website owner you are getting the backlink from and politely ask for them to remove it. If they do not respond favorably, then use the disavow tool in Google Search Console to tell Google not to treat that link as a backlink.

Review Site
Will you like it when you hear someone gossip about you? of course you will not. But why will you not like it? It is definitely because such gossip will have a negative effect on your reputation.
The same is true with Review sites. Preview sites are utilized by competitors to post bad comment about your site and its content, so be careful with how you use review sites.
I will recommend you use only review sites that will allow you to preview every comment before it goes life, and which also gives you the ability to delete reviews from users.

So you see, your competitor can hurt your site seo.

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