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Friday, April 6, 2018

There Is Chrome Inside Mozilla Firefox Browser

Sound weird right? It does, but it is true.
The fact that over half of the internet user often use Google Chrome as their web browser makes many to think that anytime they see the word chrome, then it should be referring to the Google Chrome browser. But that is not always the case. I'll explain further.

You see, right from the inception of web browser, especially the Mozilla Firefox browser, chrome is a terminology which is used to refer to the visible areas of the browser, but not the webpage.
In other words, the Tool bar, Menu bar, Tabs etc. in the Mozilla Firefox Browser are all referred to as chrome.

Thus you may discover that sometimes, especially when setting up an add-ons in Firefox, the url might include chrome:// as a prefix. Note that this, as nothing to do with the Google Chrome browser, it is just a tech terminology used in the Firefox browser.

So yes, there is chrome in the Mozilla Firefox browser, but it is not the chrome you have in mind at the onset, rather it is just a term used to dsscribe the other visible part of the browser which are not part of a webpage.

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