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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Private Internet Access | A VPN That Guarantee Your Online Security

Are you worried about your internet security? Well, the popular advice on the web about how to protect your online activities from hackers is for you to use a VPN application.
Because there are so many VPN applications in the market, deciding which to use can be confusing. With this post, I outline to you want you stand to benefit if you choose Private Internet Access as your VPN service provider.

  1. First of, you have a 7 days money back if for any reason you decide that Private Internet Access is not good for your.
  2. Each account you create with Private Internet Access qualifies you to use their service for up to 5 devices at the same time.
  3. You can use Private Internet Access VPN on any of your device regardless of your device operating system. For it is compatible with masOS from version 10.9 and above, Windows OS from version 7 and above, all four flavors of the Ubuntu OS, iOS and Android.
  4. They have over 3,079 gateways/servers in over 28 countries.
  5. They also offer you the best VPN protocols, namely OpenVPN, IPSEC/L2TP, PPTP, SOCKS5(proxy)
  6. With Private Internet Access, you are free to use any public network (WiFi) for their advance encryption will stop eavesdroppers and keep you safe.
  7. This VPN also enable you to use blocked sites with an uncensored access.
  8. It protect your identity and thus allows you to browse anonymously.
  9. The VPN software of Private Internet Access is easy to use and thus provide you with instant setup.
  10. Private Internet Access also offers you a nolog policy. Meaning, they do not monitor your activities or even log them.
  11. More than a VPN, Private Internet Access also serves as an ad blocker, it also block trackers and malware.
  12. It offers you unlimited bandwidth
So, why not give Private Internet Access a trial? Remember, you have a 7 days money back guarantee policy to cover you.

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