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Monday, April 30, 2018

Is Link Building As Complicated As It Is Portrayed?

To start off, I will like to explain in simple terms what Link Building is all about.
Link building is the act of getting backlinks. Backlinks on the other hand, are links found on a site that lead users not to another content of the same site but to the content of another site.

Link building are in two fold.
  1. Correcting broken backlinks
  2. Creating new backlinks.
and both folds are very easy to accomplish, at least if you know how to interact.

For example, when it comes to correcting broken backlinks, all you need is, use a backlinks tool to check for them and then contact the web master that manage the site the broken backlinks were found, then politely as him to update the broken link. When it is done, you are good.

When it comes to creating backlinks, you might reason, that isn't a big deal. All I need is find a good site and then send them a mail or two.

Well it so easy to say. But the problem is convincing a web master to link to your site. You see, link building has many SEO benefit, and these benefits are essential to the sustainability of a website. And as you may already know, the internet is a marketspace where every webmaster want their site to be seen first. So giving backlinks might not be a favorable option to most webmaster.

But it is achievable. And like I said, your interactive skill is key.

Thus Link Building is easy. But complicated when it comes to convincing a webmaster to link to your site.

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