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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Is It Free To Sell On

The straightforward answer is NO. Selling on Konga Nigeria is profitable, but it is not free.

Before you can become a seller in Konga Nigeria, you will need to purchase a seller membership plan. The Silver membership plan as of now cost 1,000 naira every month and this plan offer you the option to sell only ten items in your Konga store.

The Gold plan on the other cost 2,500 naira per month, but this plan affords you the opportunity to list all the goods you intend to sell because it offers you with unlimited product listing option.

Apart from paying to become a seller in the Konga marketspace, you are also charge commission on each of your successful sales, the smallest of which is 3%.

But this should not discourage you from becoming a seller on Konga, because when you become one, then your product has the potentials of reaching up to 50million potential buyers, an option that no offline-marketspace can offer.

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