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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How To Earn Bitcoin As A Blogger

Are you are blogger and you which to turn your blog into a bitcoin generating medium? If yes, then continue reading, because I outline three ways in which you can generate bitcoin from your blog.

  1. Bitcoin Ad Network
    The most easy and fast ways to turning your blog into a bitcoin generating medium for you is to use a bitcoin ad network instead of an ad network that pays in dollar or other currency.
    The good news about bitcoin ad network is that most of them are both a CPM and CPC based ad network, which means that you earn from impression and clicks at the same time. Though they have a unique impression and click policy, and also their approval process is quite difficult.
  2. Mine BitcoinAnother way to earn bitcoin to have your blog mine bitcoin using the device on your blog visitors. Though most antivirus stops auto bitcoin mining plugin, you can have your blog users activate the bitcoin miner if they want an ad-free version of your blog, that way you will be ensuring that your miner always run because antivirus don't have problem with bitcoin mining plugin that requires user permission to run.
  3. Lock Quality Content Behind Coinhive Recaptcha
    Coinhive offers a recaptcha that mines cryptocurrency for you anytime your user attempt to solve it. So you can lock quality content of your blog that users crave for behind a Coinhive Recaptcha so that they will need to solve it before that can get hold of the content. Or better still, you can make some part of the content visible and have the user solve the Coinhive Recaptcha if they want to remaining part of the content.
  4. Referrals
    The last ways to generate bitcoin from your blog is to use your blog as a medium to promote your referral links to bitcoin investment or product and services that can be bought using bitcoin which you feel your users will be interested in.
You can generate bitcoin from you blog. These are just some of the ways you can achieve it.

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