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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Earn Between 0.23 - 45k Dogecoins Every Hour!!

Dogecoin is one cryptocurrency that is gaining ground. Though low in value when compared to US dollar, do you know that 1 doge can earn you up to 46 bitcoin satoshi? Implying that you just need about 2.2M doge to earn 1 bitcoin! But how difficult can it be to earn dogecoins?

The answer is, dogecoin is quite the easiest cryptocurrency to earn.

For example, I know of a cryptocurrency faucet that is willing to give you between 0.23 - 45K dogecoin every hour FREE!!!

But why would a site owner want to give out such a huge amount of dogecoins for free you might wonder.

The answer is, the website giving you this dogecoin is a faucet.

Cryptocurrency Faucets are website that because they want to increase the popularity of a crypto coin gives out free cryptocurrency to their users/visitor on an interval basis. And as I mentioned earlier, compared to US dollar, dogecoin is low priced in fact, as of now, 1K dogecoin cost just $3.

So they can afford to give out such huge amount of doge. Remember that their base give away is 0.23 which is about $0.0007. But our focus now is not converting them (the claimed doge) to US dollar, but to bitcoins.

So are you in for the free dogecoin? If yes, click the button below to get started.

Team +Pinfoltd 



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