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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bad News To Social Media Managers Using Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one great social media management platform that many social media managers including social media marketers of many brands turn to as a one stop place for managing virtually all their brand's social media accounts. But due to the recent Facebook and Instagram privacy policy changes, the functionality of Hootsuite has been throttled and as such the following functionality are no longer available.

  1. Facebook Group, Event, and Page Search streams will no longer display the username and profile pictures of users.
  2. Adding Facebook page search streams for pages you do not own will no longer be possible.
  3. Events streams for Facebook profiles are no longer available.
  4. Facebook Pages added or reconnected in Hootsuite after April 4 will no longer support Facebook private messaging functionality. This mean that Messages stream for Facebook Pages and Automation and assignments for Facebook private messages will no longer be available.
  5. The ability to mention a Facebook Page in a post will no longer be available.
  6. Tagging Facebook branded content will no longer be supported.
  7. If it is your Facebook Profile you connect to Hootsuite, then you will be required to re-authenticate it every 90 days. But if it is your Facebook Page you connect only, then no re-authentication is required.
  1. You will no longer be able to like posts and comments from Hootsuite.
  2. You will no longer be able to follow and unfollow Instagram users from Hootsuite.
  3. You will no longer be able to mention Instagram users in posts created with Hootsuite.
  4. Commenting on Instagram posts will no longer be supported, except Instagram Business profiles who can continue commenting on their own posts.
  5. Instagram user search stream is no longer available.
  6. You will no longer be able to view Instagram data via Hootsuite Impact’s Brand Tracker module.
  7. Usernames and profile pictures of Instagram users will no longer be displayed in hashtag/location searches, comments in Analytics, and mentions in Hootsuite Insights.
  8. Instagram user profile information including bio, followers, following and recently posted media will no longer be available.
Note that these changes were not initiated by Hootsuite but by Facebook and Instagram because they want to keep their users’ information safe and secure and Hootsuite complied because they believe that the change are critical to maintaining trust between their customers and the customers of Facebook and Instagram.

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