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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

6 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

You have finally launched your blog. Wow, that's Great news!!! Now you should be wondering how you can drive visitors to your blog and most especially how to make money from the blog. Let's take the second part for now. That is, how to make money from your blog. Below I outline 6 ways you can achieve this.

FIRST WAY: Ads Network
You probably might have heard about this before. But what really is Ads Network?
Put simply, an Ads Network is an advertising agency that have a very large number of advertisers and who uses the blogs of their publishers to showcase the adverts of their advertisers, and then pays the publisher whose blog user click on an advert they place on the blog.
So what I mean is that, you should become a publisher an Ads Network. A good Ads Network is AdSense. For they have the highest advertising pool and they have the best ads targeting technology so there is high probability that they are going to serve your blog visitors adverts that they will be interested in, and when they in they are interested in an ad, then will definitely click to find out more details which will mean more revenue for you.

SECOND WAY: Affiliate Marketing
Except you are running a recommendation based blog, I will not advise you to go with this blog monetization option. But really, Affiliate marketing is a very good way to make money from your blog. Why?
Because if you were able to convince a user of your blog to purchase the product or service you are affiliate to, then it will not only yield you huge commission, but also it might generate a recurrent income for you. So choose the brand you which to become an affiliate to wisely.

THIRD WAY: Ads Space Selling
Ads space selling? Wonder what that mean? Well, remember I told you earlier that ads network showcase the adverts of their advertiser on your blog. If you do not want them to be the middleman between your blog and potential advertiser, then you can sell your ads space independently. But the only disadvantage is that you will need source for the advertiser yourself.

FOURTH WAY: Digital Product
Can you write an e-book? If you can, you can sell it via your blog, instead of seeking for publishers. Also you can develop a service and promote it via your blog.

FIFTH WAY: Paid Forum
Well, this option is not for beginner blogger. Because you or your blog have to be considered as an authority in the field you talk about in the blog. So when you have because an authority, that is, when your visitors love your blog content, they will not have too much problem paying to get your attention via a paid forum that you can put up later on.

SIXTH WAY: Conference
Like the fifth way, your blog have to be considered as an authority in the field it touch, before you can create a conference and expect people to pay to attend. But your blog is your key to becoming authoritative.
So create quality content for your blog, and you will be on your way to making 6-digit income from your blog.

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