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Monday, March 26, 2018

Your Link Profile (Backlinks) Can Affect Your Website Rank Negatively

If you own a website, or better still, if you run a blog, you definitely want to get notice by Search engines. Not just to get notices by them, but for them to rank your content favorably to their users. This is the goal of all bloggers or business that run a website.

One good way to go about achieving this goal is use an SEO tactic called Backlinks.
Backlinks are so important because is serves as a vote to your blog's content credibility and reliability. But there is a great danger with backlinks.

Backlinks are good only when you are getting them from an authoritative and niche related site.

This is a fact that most bloggers and site owner do not put into consideration when they start their link profile building (backlinks building).

So you should not be all concerned about getting backlinks, rather you should be concerned about getting quality backlinks.

Hence, when you decide to start building your backlinks, do not be focus on the volume but on the quality, because low-quality backlinks will be affecting your website rank negatively, and the more low-quality backlinks, the more difficult it will be to recover from the negative effect it will have on your website.

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