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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What To Do If SEO Is Not Working For Your Website

How many months have you spent build your site SEO score? 3, 6 or even a year? That is pretty a longtime, don't you think?  So why isn't it yielding you traffic?

Well, one thing you should note is that, as you are working on your site's SEO, hundreds if not thousands of other site owner are doing same and sometimes even better. So while SEO is a good tragedy of getting traffic there are others that works like magic. One of them is online promotion of your website.

No, I don't mean paid advertising. I have in mind promoting your website using social media platforms.
Facebook group, Google+ groups and others works like magic in getting you noticed and also traffics. Once you have joined a group related to your niche though, don't spam them with links, rather, ask, comment, recommend and show that you can help them out. In summary, just get involved in the discussion(s).

With regard to social media like Twitter and Instagram that don't have groups you join and discuss, watch out for hashtags related to your industry (especially does that are trending) and engage with people that use them.

This will not only increase your site traffic tremendously in a very short time, it will also impact positively in your site's SEO score at the long run.

That is what you should do if it seems that SEO is not working for you.

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