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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Search and Play Songs by Lyrics Using Cortana | Windows 10

Have you ever been in a situation where you will like to play as song but because you could not remember the song title and/or artist? This get us wonder sometimes, is there no facility whereby one can search for songs using the lyrics on the song and play them? Good news, there are.

If you love Windows 10 Cortana service, then your solution is solved. Because with Cortana on Windows 10, you can search for songs using lyrics and play them. All you have to do is,
  1. Download and install Spotify streaming service into your Windows 10 device from the Windows Store.
  2. Integrate Spotify with Cortana.
  3. Then say to Hey Cortana, play the song with the lyrics (then the lyrics of the song). Cortana will the search for the song and plays the matching song it finds in the Spotify songs bank.

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