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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Is Facebook Really Using Their Messenger App To Steal Your Call and SMS Logs?

I recently found to post on Tom's Guide that accuse Facebook of doing that. What I could understand from the first post was that if you have Contact Sync turned on, then Facebook will not only log your contact list to their server, but also log your calls and SMS. While the second post gives an explanation why they came to that conclusion.
But is Facebook really doing that? Is Facebook stealing your call and SMS logs?

Well, if it is Steal, I do not know about that. But if it is to verify that fact whether Facebook can with their Messenger app collect your call and SMS log, the answer is YES.

The second post I found on Tom's Guide which I pointed out earlier, holds that Facebook Messenger have no option where user have to grant Facebook the permission to log their calls and SMS first, but when I did check my Facebook Messenger settings, I did find that option there. But I found it enabled already. Whether it was me that enabled it by mistakenly, or if it is enabled by default, I cannot remember, but such option did exist.

I am using the version of the Facebook Messenger app on an Android 4.4.2 powered phone. I have backup the apk file of the messenger app and uploaded it to my Google drive. The link is below in case you want to verify.

Facebook Messenger Version

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