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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Get 1M Ad Impression Free From Nairapp

Nairapp is a Nigerian Naira based advertising network that servers banner, text, media, and pop ads via it's publishers websites.

They are currently offering a promo, (not 1million free ad impression), but if the promo is properly utilized by you, then you can get the 1million ad impression for free. So what is the promo all about?

The promo is a deposit bonus.

What it means is that they give you bonus on your deposits as an advertiser. To qualify for this bonus, you need to make a deposit of 3,500 naira. When you do, they will give you an additional bonus of 7,000 naira.

Thus, if you are to use just the 7,000 naira bonus for your advertising campaign, then you can create a campaign that will get you at most 1million ads impressions, because their minimum eCPM is 7.00 naira for 1,000 impressions.

So you see, you can get 1M worth of ads impression free from Nairapp.
Sign up with Nairapp as an advertiser, make your 3,500 naira deposit and ENJOY.

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