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Sunday, March 25, 2018

6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A VPN Service Provider

Aaah! You have finally decided to start using to VPN. This is a very good decision. But which VPN service provider should you use? If you are reading this post because you want an answer to it, then continue.

Because the VPN market is crowded with a lot of options, the 6 factors to consider when choosing a VPN service provider which are outlined below will make your decision making process easy. So here they are:
  1. How many devices will the VPN service provider allow you to use on a single user account? It is true the answer to this question will not determine the quality of the protection service they offer you, but to me, it will not make sense to have two different VPN account just because you want to use VPN on both your mobile and computer.
    So a really nice VPN service provider should allow you the ability to use at least between three and five devices on your single account with them.
  2. Their VPN Protocol that the VPN service provider is utilizing by default is the most important aspect to look at. As of now, OpenVPN protocol provide stronger security than other protocols. Thus a good VPN should have it as their default VPN protocol.
  3. Apart from providing you will good security protocol, a good VPN service provider should also provide you will a good privacy policy. For while they are protecting your from hackers and other spying eyes, they should not be the one now compromising your privacy. So a good VPN service provider should have a no monitor and no log policy. That is, they should have a policy that protect you from them logging or even monitoring your online activities.
  4. Their data speed throttling and bandwidth limit is also something you should consider. For it makes no sense using a VPN which is responsible for your slow internet connection and also for being disconnected from the internet when you are in the middle of something important like streaming a live video or during download or even when you are writing an e-exam.
    So a good VPN service provider should offer you full, unmetered bandwidth without data limits.
  5. Their server location is another thing to consider. For it makes no sense for a VPN not to be able to provide you access to location based sites just because they do not yet have server in that location.
  6. Price is also some you should consider. Is their service worth the amount they as asking for? Can I get a better VPN service for the same or even lesser amount? The answer to those question will enable you spend your hard-earned money wisely.

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