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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your Children Using Messenger Kids App Don't Have Access to Your Facebook Account

Many parents are skeptical about signing their children up for Messenger Kids app by Facebook because when they attempt to complete the signup, the Messenger Kids app will request that they provide their Facebook account login details. They thus feel that if they do, it will imply that their children will have access to their Facebook account.
But is this really the case? NO! Let me explain.

Messenger Kids as you may already know allows you to decide who your children can chat with, so instead of having both the parent control section and the kids section all in the Messenger Kids app, Facebook decide to that the Messenger Kids app will be only the kids section while the parent control section will be activated into your own (parent) Facebook account.

So the reason why the Messenger Kids app is requesting for your Facebook account login details is not because they want your children to access your Facebook account but because they want to authenticate that the smartphone you are activating the Messenger Kids app for actually belongs to your child.

Hence, your children using the Messenger Kids app do not and will not have access to your Facebook account.

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