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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Who Initiate Facebook Messenger Kids Contact Request

Many bloggers who wants to help parents moderate the people who their children are chatting with recently are recommending that parents use Facebook Messenger Kids as a messaging for their children, because Messenger Kids app restrict children contact list to only those who their parent have approved.
But another question arises. Who initiate the Facebook Messenger Kids app contact request, parent or child?

Why the question matters:
If it were to be the child many parents reason, then they might be pledge with more than enough contact requests that it will be quite difficult for them to scan through to see request from a known relative they want to approve of.

Answer to the question:
That reason is quite through. It seems Facebook thought of this when building the Messenger Kids app, that is why they made the app is such a way that it is only a parent that can make the contact request from the Messenger Kids parent control section within their Facebook account. So the answer is, Only Parent can initiate Facebook Messenger Kids Contact Request.

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