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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Use Music As Your Alarm Tune For Google Home Speaker

How we love waking up each morning and have Google Home Speaker brief us about our day, telling us what to expect from the day's weather, giving us news update and even reminding us of events in our calendar. Sound appealing right?
Even more appealing is the fact that now, you no longer have to wake up due to the wailing siren from the Google Home Speaker alrm, rather, you can use music and your alarm tune. Below outline how to go about it.

To use music as your alarm tune for Google Home Speaker, just say something like this: "Hey Google, set an alarm for 5 a.m. (or any other time of choice) that plays (name of band or musician)"

As the voice command for setting up the alarm and it's tune above shows, you can only specify from which artist you want the music to be from and not a specify song by the artist. This means that every morning, your alarm tune might be of a different song but still from the artist you have specified, provided that the song is accessible from your music streaming service have you have set up with the Google Home Speaker.

Remember though that as any other feature of the Google Home Speaker, the alarm feature also rely on the internet, so it is recommended that you set a backup alarm which do not need the internet so that in an unexpected event that the internet signal went down over the night, you will still have an alarm to wake you up.

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