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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Two Unsatisfactory Facts About Google Home Speaker Alarm

As a rule of thumb, alarm (off bed alarm) are expected to get you off the bed not just to wake you up. True, Google Home Speaker alarm knows how to wake you, but what about getting off the bed? Well, that is how the first unsatisfactory fact of the Google Home Speaker alarm comes in.

This is because, rather that have you get off your bed to touch a button before the alarm will stop, you can stop the alarm the alarm from blowing continually by just saying "STOP."
This is not a very good idea especially when we sleep late and our eyes are still heavy.

The second unsatisfactory fact about the Google Home Speaker alarm is the fact that the its general alarm tune cannot be changed. Implying that if you want your alarm to play a media/song then your Google Home Speaker have to be connected to the internet.

This we hope will get attended to as soon as possible.

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